Steps to sleeping with a married woman.

How many times have you been attracted to a woman and started down the path to wanting to ask the chick on a date only to find out that she is married, give up on the prospect of sex and move on to greener pastures? Well if you are a man with balls then this has probably happened to you more than once but if you are a man without balls then this probably isn't a problem for you and you may want to not waste your time reading further as having balls is a definite requirement for finding value in this article.

What I am about to share with you are proven steps I have used to sleep with married women, so lift up your skirt, grab your balls and let's get us some married women.

    Step 1 - Eliminate the thought that married women are unattainable. It is a fact that most married women are more attainable than single attractive women, why you ask? Think about it Reggie! Single attractive women get approached all the time, they are used to guys trying to get with them, they basically have their pick of single men and are not going to get with you unless you are special and the reality is not every guy is as pretty as Joey. Married women on the other hand rarely get approached and when they do they are flattered but the mistake most men make is as soon as a woman says she is married, they give up and apologize and walk away, wtf? Are you kidding me? You have to keep rolling with it, acknowledge that she is married but don't change up you game and before you know it you will be knocking them boots with a married woman.

    Step 2 - Do not listen to your married friends. Married friends, both guys and girls, will tell you that married women will not sleep with you so you should give up your effort as it is wasted on a married woman, you know why they will tell you this? It is to make themselves feel better, the last thing you want to think about when you are married is that married people are out there having sex especially out there having sex without their significant other. They don't want to be thinking about their significant other cheating on them. Marriage is a commitment not only a commitment to not have sex with other people, but after a year as married people soon find out, it is a commitment to no longer have sex with your significant other which brings me to my next point that married women are under sexed!

    Step 3 - Capitalize on a married womans deprived sex life. After a period of time all married people stop having sex and this is where we single young men come into play. People have to have sex, it is a necessity of life, so don't feel bad about having sex with a married woman, not only is it our right but it is what we were put on this earth to do. So get your favorite tight black shirt and cologne and lets hit the grocery store to find us some married women and watermelon.

    Step 4 - Be in better shape than her husband. This is easy, if you have a six pack and are in great shape then you basically have your pick of married women as most married men think of beer when they hear six pack and not their abs. If you are fat, then look for a married woman whose husband is slightly fatter than you. The thing about married men is that they let themselves go after marriage, they get a mortgage, work longer hours and no longer have time for the gym. If you can't find any married women with a husband as fat as you then you need to go on a diet and realize that your fatness is likely the main reason for you being single and not even Joey can help until you drop some pounds.

    Step 5 - Pretend to be married yourself. For those really hard to get married women I will go the extra mile and pretend to be married. For some reason, people like to do "bad" things only with people that are also doing "bad" things, that is true with herion addicts and it is also true with adultery, so I do not mind stepping up my game to slip on the old wedding band and make my married women feel comfortable about the good old adultery that we will be committing. I even have a photo-shopped picture of me and a married woman on my wedding day to take it to the next level just in-case the wedding band is not enough for my married woman.

    Step 6 - Believe in yourself. That's pretty simple but is effective, believe in yourself and act as if. Act as if you are already banging that married woman and in no time you will be.

Well thats it, those are the six steps I have used to get with married women, I am sure there are more but we all got to do what works for us and those six work for me, just ask Kiesha's babies daddy. - Marriage ain't nothing but a word -


I'd give anything to fuck a married woman! Marraige is so over-rated and obsolete. It ruins friendships. And married people are soooo boring!

I'm on a steady diet of married women - they almost seem to pick me up. I usually like them because in my head I think there will be no attachment - I'm also usually wrong, married women tend to go crazy EASILY and one girl even left her husband.

Yes, married women are MUCH easier to get (in fact if you just pay attention to your surroundings you'll realize that they are actually getting You). They're a bit more excited and easier to be with too - BUT be prepared with restraining order.

Wow!!! You are sooooo full of hot air! Yes, their are women (and men) that cheat on their spouses, but the proposition that EVERY married woman is attainable is a load of.....well, you know what.
So don't flatter yourself. There are plenty of satisfied married women out there who could care less about your vain advances.

Those are all very valuable tips. I have a few that I would like to share of my own.

1) Try to find women whose husbands are in county jails with either high bonds, or those who have been denied bond. This can sometimes be done by searching your local county web sites jail section, or the County Clerk of Court info. One thing to be careful for is to MAKE SURE that the husband will not be released while you're trying to get his wife into bed.

2) Search your states prison web site. Often these sites will list what county the man was sentenced out of. You can find ones from yours or a nearby county, and then go to that counties Clerk of Court office and pull his file to find out his address. Then find a creative way to meet and get to know the wife without letting on at first that you know she's married, or that her husband is locked up. Unlike the county jail, if the husband is in prison you know the minimum amount of time he'll be there. The wife will be lonely and vulnerable, and easier to get into bed. At the very least, you don't have to worry about the husband coming home and over hearing you ask his wife to go to bed with you.

I know a married woman, and I've been wanting to sleep with her. But she's not budgeing. She`s being a tease, she lets in her home when her husben is at work. WTF does this mean? Please give me some advise or a clue.

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